We maintain a comprehensive list of companies that still operate in Russia, financing its war against Ukraine.

- Still operating

1. Boycott on social media

Tag the companies still operating in Russia on Twitter or Instagram and urge them to stop their business in the aggressor country. Emphasize how companies that stay in Russia directly contribute to the war waged against Ukraine. Ask friends and family to spread information about the firms that remain open. To help us target specific companies each week, please tweet using the button below.

@[company] stop paying for Russian war crimes in Ukraine! #LeaveRussia #DontFundWar Which companies are still operating

2. Join us to make an impact

Every week we focus our effort on one particular company. Learn how you can help by signing up to our newsletter and our social media accounts.

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3. Repost our latest Twitter posts

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Why should I care about Ukraine?

If you care about democracy, you should care about Ukraine, a country of 40 million people in the heart of Europe. 30 years ago, Ukraine broke free from the Soviet rule and headed for democratic values and European integration. Supporting Ukraine and stopping Russia means fighting for a democratic world, freedom, and peace at homes across the globe.

Why should companies stop operating in Russia?

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale war on Ukraine, bombing peaceful Ukrainian cities and attacking civilians fleeing conflict zones. Companies around the world have the power to stop this aggression by refusing to support the Russian economy.

This will hurt ordinary Russians who are against the war.

Yes. There is no way to separate those openly against the war and those trusting propaganda. In the near term, the measures will result in economic isolation and will impact employment. In the long term this may trigger a change benefiting Ukraine and Russia by showing the Russian citizens it is time to question the government more and fear protesting less. The sooner they realize the war is not only hurting Ukraine but also taking away their futures, the sooner they might rise against Putin's regime. And those already risking their freedom and even lives speaking up against it will likely find economic sacrifices minor in comparison to the lost lives of Ukrainians.

Some Russians need imported essential medication.

Our directory make an exception companies whose medical products may be required for survival. Our goal is to stop the needless suffering in Ukraine, not to replicate it in Russia.

Some companies protect freedoms in Russia.

We identify and acknowledge companies whose work ensures that Russian citizens retain protection against government surveillance. We do not want to help Russian propagandists and FSB.

How else can I help?

On top of boycotting companies still operating in Russia, you can donate to Ukraine's Armed Forces and humanitarian aid organizations, as well as write to your government representatives. To learn about these and other ways to help, please navigate to our other website, available in 20 languages: