Full list of companies

Our database is regularly automatically synchronized with the list provided by Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute. Therefore, we use their rubric to separate companies based on their business involvement in Russia into the following categories:

Digging In - companies defying demands for exit/reduction of activities.
Buying Time - companies postponing future planned investment, development, marketing while continuing substantive business.
Scaling Back - companies scaling back some business operations while continuing others.
Suspension - companies temporarily curtailing operations while keeping return options open.
Withdrawal - companies completely halting Russian engagements/exiting Russia.
Disclaimer: the list below is for informational purposes only. It is regularly compiled from multiple sources to the best of our ability and may or may not contain errors.
We are proud of the momentum that Don't Fund War helped generate and of the impact it had on other databases; however, we have decided to discontinue maintaining the website. Don't Fund War started off as an accessible and improved version of the Yale School of Management's database, enhanced with financial information. Since then, their team have also developed a separate website and started using data from Don't Fund War, and at this point it makes sense to centralize information on their end. However, since there are several projects that continue to use Don't Fund War's API endpoints, we will keep the website running and will periodically synchronize the data. However, the financial information (such as company valuation) from the API may be outdated, and thus is not displayed here anymore.